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flinders shire council - beef processing synopsis

Friday, 27th March 2015

Flinders Shire Council has completed two key reports about beef processing.


North West Queensland Strategic Development Study

Queensland Premier The Hon Campbell Newman launches the MITEZ North West Queensland Strategic Development Study.

A summary and full copy of the Final Report can be accessed through the links below:

North West Queensland Strategic Development Study Summary (10.3MB).PDF

North West Queensland Strategic Development Study Final Report (2.8MB).PDF


23 December 2013

In relation to the northern beef industry, mosaic irrigation involves small - scale irrigation developments that pro duce feed for cattle and are scattered within a matrix of unirrigated, generally native or naturalised, pastures. This project focussed on that part of the continent north of the Tropic of Capricorn, but exclud ed the eastern flowing catchments, east of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland.

Download CSIRO Report

csiro - livestock logistics

Cattle in northern Australia have to travel distances of greater than 1,000 km on average from farm gate to end destination.

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flinders shire council - beef processing synopsis

Friday, 27th March 2015

Flinders Shire Council has completed two key reports about beef processing:

  1. Scoping Study (July 2014) to assess the merits of two potential sites; make preliminary operating models; identify any environmental risks; and present a mass balance for livestock, utilities, labour and logistics.

  2. Pre-Feasibility Study (February 2015) to look at livestock availability in the cattle-rich Flinders region plus capital costs, operating budgets, breakeven figures and labour requirements.


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NorthBEEF Inc has recently become incorporated and consists of a group of Northern Australian beef industry stakeholders (predominantly from the Flinders Shire but with confirmed support from approximately 200 other stakeholders throughout northern Queensland).

The group came together over two years ago because they wanted to make a difference to the way their product (cattle and beef) was transported, processed and marketed, to provide a better product more efficiently and more profitably.

The main focus initially was to investigate the lack of access to processing facilities [competition for livestock] in the north, and the associated inefficiencies in the transport of both live cattle to slaughter and the processed product to its destination. The aim was to instigate feasibility studies to look at all aspects of the beef supply chain from farm gate to the domestic and international retail outlet, from a northern Australian point of view.

An assessment of the viability of meat processing in north-west Queensland [beef processing feasibility study] was conducted during 2012 and this assessment is documented as an Action Agenda of the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum.


Co-funded by the Queensland and Australian Governments and supported by Mount Isa Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ), Gulf-Savannah Development (GSD) and NorthBEEF, this assessment forms part of the broader North Queensland Irrigated Agriculture Strategy.

Stage 1 of the project assessed the viability of establishing a meat processing facility at a number of locations in Queensland.

In stage 2 of the project an investment attraction report was prepared with additional information on supply chain dynamics, market opportunities and the case supporting an investment.

Stage 1 - Feasibility Study

Download Stage 1 Document
Evaluating the commercial viability
of a northern outback Queensland meat processing facility
updated version
October 2012

The completion of this feasibility study realises some of the initial goals of NorthBEEF, however there is still more to be achieved. NorthBEEF met in June 2013 to review its goals and strategic plan. The following summarises the group’s current position and defines future actions for NorthBEEF.

NorthBEEF’s VISION is for a vibrant north Australian beef industry that is healthy, viable and secure.

Within this vision the following definitions and assumed values exist:

The region, “north Australia” is north of the Tropic of Capricorn and the “beef industry” is all stakeholders – paddock to plate.

The MISSION of NorthBEEF is to provide a beef processing facility for Northern Australia.

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